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Feb 24, 2021

This is Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Now in the midst of our Lenten journey, I invite you to keep in mind these three words: Do, Daily, and Dependent. If spiritual disciplines are going to work in our lives, then we must do them on a daily basis, ever dependentupon the grace of God. If we live this way, then we will experience the transformation and conversion that the Lenten season is intended to provide. We will be drawn into a more intimate union with the Lord and we will be filled with abundant Lenten blessings. God is waiting for you—so do not delay the journey, avoid distractions, and do not get sidetracked. Rather embrace it with the urgency it requires. Each day during this sacred time, ask God to help you to dowhat you should, on a dailybasis, and, with a steadfast spirit, dependon His son always.