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Jan 23, 2023

On this week's episode, Bishop Burbidge shares his: 

  • Takeaways from this year’s National March for Life and celebrating the opening Mass for the National Prayer Vigil for Life 
  • Observe Defending Life Day and participate in the Virginia March for Life at Virginia Pro-Life Day on February 1 
  • Commentary on the popularity of the “Catechism in a Year” Podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz  
  • Reactions to an NHL player’s refusal to wear an LGBTQ “pride” jersey and a related story of another team’s campaign to promote the use of preferred pronouns 
  • Hopes for the five men he will ordain to the permanent diaconate on Saturday, January 28 
  • Super Bowl LVII predictions 


Bishop Burbidge also answers the following questions from the faithful: 

  • I am not a Catholic from birth, but I became Catholic when I married my husband. How do I know when I am truly following God’s will and not my own will? I fear I am still not close enough to God’s will in my life. 
  • Do you watch the series “The Chosen”? What are your thoughts on it?