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Jun 12, 2020

In this week’s episode of the Walk Humbly Podcast:

  • Catholic Charities receives a national honor for its free clinic
  • Bishop Burbidge discusses the importance of mentorship for newly ordained priests
  • Ward Jones, the Chief Operations Officer for the Diocese, talks about how the Reintegration Working Group discerned our procedures for phasing back the Mass and other important elements of the Diocese
  • Bishop Burbidge shares his thoughts about the Mass for the Preservation of Peace and Justice

Bishop Burbidge answers these questions from the audience:

  • I haven't seen anything said about the requirement to receive communion during the Easter season (the "Easter duty"). I've seen that other dioceses have dispensed this requirement, but did the Bishop do so for the Arlington diocese?
  • For those who have no support system, are victims of crime or aggression, and or those who have lost everything during the pandemic, how can they avoid narcissism, victimhood, and pessimism in order to share in the gift of the Holy Spirit?