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Jul 24, 2019

  • Bishop Burbidge shares his thoughts on 13 new seminarians for our growing Diocese.
  • The Arlington Catholic Herald is transitioning from a weekly to a biweekly newspaper, with a new focus and plan.
  • News reports indicate that the U.S. refugee program might be shut down. Hear Bishop Burbidge’s response and learn about the refugees our Diocese resettles in northern VA.
  • A new bishop is appointed to serve the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. This follows his predecessor’s resignation for credible allegations of sexual abuse and financial misconduct.

Bishop Burbidge also answers these questions from the faithful:

  • How can we as a Church better welcome young families, especially those with noisy, young children? 
  • With the Feast of the Ascension recently passed, why do some places celebrate the feast on Thursday but other places, like our Diocese, transfer it to Sunday?