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Aug 30, 2018

This week's episode of the Walk Humbly Podcast includes:

This past Sunday, Bishop Burbidge hosted a solemn Mass for victims of sexual abuse and their healing. Hear what he shared with survivors and those who came out to pray for them. Read the commitments the Diocese of Arlington makes with regard to allegations of...

Aug 29, 2018

As the football season approaches, Bishop Burbidge shares with us a lesson he learned last year from one of the players: Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles said his success was due in large part because he was unafraid to fail. "We cannot be afraid."

Aug 27, 2018

“These are dark days in our Church and some bishops and leaders have failed you, but God has not,” said Bishop Michael F. Burbidge today at the Mass for Victims of Sexual Abuse and Their Continued Healing. “More than ever you must not leave Him, you must turn to Him.”

“Know that I understand words are never...

Aug 24, 2018

As our kids head back to school, travel bags will overflow with new clothes, backpacks will hold the latest iPhones, and children will run off to meet new friends. But this new school year, will you pack the most important thing?

Aug 17, 2018

This week's episode of the Walk Humbly Podcast includes:
-Seminarians take a major step in the formation for the priesthood during a Mass for Candidacy. Bishop Burbidge discusses what this means and shares updates from the seminarians' summer assignments.
-Allegations of more than 70 years of child sexual abuse by...