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Aug 27, 2018

“These are dark days in our Church and some bishops and leaders have failed you, but God has not,” said Bishop Michael F. Burbidge today at the Mass for Victims of Sexual Abuse and Their Continued Healing. “More than ever you must not leave Him, you must turn to Him.”

“Know that I understand words are never adequate, but I convey deepest apologies and profound sorrow to any victims who experienced sexual abuse on the part of the clergy and for the failure of the bishops and church leaders to protect them.”

“I offer this Mass for all victims, asking the Lord to bless them with His healing love and respectfully ask that you join me in prayers for them.”

“The Diocese of Arlington stands ready to assist you in the healing process,” promised Bishop Burbidge. “And to any victim who sadly may have been met with disregard in the past that will not be the case in this Diocese. Please come forward, and know I stand ready to assist you.”

“The sadness that we are experiencing leads us to acknowledge that our Church must undergo what is necessary to experience ongoing transformation and purification. Our crisis was caused by individuals committing evil acts and by leaders failing to protect the flock from them. Evil must be rooted out and it can be because God’s love and mercy are stronger.”