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Sep 24, 2018

We are never alone, Bishop Burbidge reminds us. "God commands His angels to guard you wherever you go." Listen now to this comforting 1-minute reflection.

Sep 21, 2018

"It is only when we listen to someone's story, and when we share ours, that we can achieve greater unity that we long for and need." —Bishop Burbidge

Sep 17, 2018

This week's episode of the Walk Humbly Podcast includes:

Hurricane Florence’s fury killed 17 people, damaged homes and businesses, and caused major flooding. One of the hardest hit areas was Bishop Burbidge’s former Diocese in Raleigh, North Carolina. He reacts to the devastation and implores us to pray.


Sep 11, 2018

Bishop Burbidge reminds us on this anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks: May we strive each day to be agents of peace, and may we never forget the heroes of September 11.

Sep 10, 2018

Hundreds of Appaloosa Music Festival attendees participated in the 9:30 a.m. Mass celebrated by Bishop Michael F. Burbidge at the Skyline Ranch Resort’s Clubhouse Stage in Front Royal Sept. 2. It is the fourth year for the annual three-day festival.

“This festival, in a very real way, allows you to sing and proclaim...